2 August 2018

On 10th July 2018 we gave the following speech about put her forward at the Heritage Open Days launch:   Hello. Can you all hear me? Can you all see me? I’m going to ask for your attention for the next 10 minutes or so.

8 July 2018

As we’ve travelled England meeting women and hearing their nominations for put her forward, we’ve also been having conversations about inspiring local historical women. And that’s how we came across Jean, who is at this very moment leading a campaign to get a statue of Mary Clarke erected in her home city of Brighton.

1 March 2018
Heritage, Sited

Between September and early 2018 my intention was to have a short rest from making, so as to take a breather and take stock… It’s important to have these moments of respite as an artist, otherwise it’s easy to lurch from project to project with no moments of coming up for air… no reflection… no […]

8 June 2017
Hi tech, Sited

Carpe Diem.  Seize the Day is such a tired phrase, but it is a notion that seems to have seized me in my retirement.  You would be right to assume that it’s got everything to do with there being fewer days ahead of me than behind.

16 March 2017
Heritage, Young People

If you had to go on a march with a placard right now, do you know what it would say? Who do you stand for and what is it you want? Big questions. And thanks the Battersea Arts Centre, we tackled these topics head on with a class of eight and nine year olds.