put her forward

put her forward is an artwork that recognises living women who have done remarkable things to positively impact the people around them.

There are 925 public statues in the UK. 158 of these are women, and of these only 25 are of non-mythical, non-royal women. There are more statues of people called John. There are more statues of goats. With your nominations we aim to double the statues of non-mythical, non-royal women in England by September 2018.

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On 10th July 2018 we gave the following speech about put her forward at the Heritage Open Days launch:   Hello. Can you all hear me? Can you all see me? I’m going to ask for your attention for the next 10 minutes or so.

As we’ve travelled England meeting women and hearing their nominations for put her forward, we’ve also been having conversations about inspiring local historical women. And that’s how we came across Jean, who is at this very moment leading a campaign to get a statue of Mary Clarke erected in her home city of Brighton.