2: “How do you make people feel part of the team?”

10 years of non zero one
10 years of non zero one
2: "How do you make people feel part of the team?"

Dr Robina Shah, Consultant Chartered Psychologist, former High Sheriff of Greater Manchester and a woman chosen to become a statue in ‘put her forward’ (2018) asks, “What are the characteristics that underpin the spirit of non zero one – specifically, how you make other people feel part of your team?”
This episode is about collaborating, and the ways in which our collaborations with creatives and production professionals have moved our practice on significantly. What has working alongside others shown us about our own approach to making work? What does “starting at the beginning” mean? And how do you collaborate with an audience?


As non zero one turns 10, we asked eight people who have been part of our journey to pose us a question. We reflect on lessons we’ve learned from collaborators, mentors, and unexpected places, focusing on a different question in each 20-minute episode. Music by James Bulley.