Dark to Light


Meet Dave: autobiography writer, reluctant optimist, and mini-religion-starter. Here’s how our paths came to cross…

In October 2021, nearly a year and a half after our participatory artwork DAWNS took place, we got an email from someone who had taken part. ‘I had been slowly writing an autobiography and this event motivated me to finish it and massively influenced the entire book’ was one of the things that email said. Another was that the person in question had started their own ‘mini-religion of sorts’ continuing the practice of getting up before dawn and watching the dark turn to light, on the first of the month, every month, ever since DAWNS.

Dave, who has had a ‘complicated life’ by his own description, knows what a dark times feel like. But now he’s focused on the future.

Listen to the chat we had with Dave where we learned about his book, his monthly Dark to Light walks, and about how the future is looking bright.