Calling Out

This is my view, first thing on a Monday morning. My good friend and fellow ‘nz1er’ John is ready to film me for a public callout we’re making about our new show at the Barbican.

We have a long, warm history with the Barb – they were our first ever commissioners back in 2010 with our show Would Like to Meet that took people in and around their labyrinthine foyers, and in 2012 we returned with our show the time out, where we turned their Rehearsal Room into a water polo team’s changing rooms.

This next project with them is extra special for us as it will be our most ambitious participatory project to date. All we really know is that the piece will open in October in the lower floor foyer and it will be installed for 3 months. Everything else will come from collaborating with the general public.

So… we’re looking for people. Any people. People with stories and opinions and a twinkle in their eye. Not the loudest people, but definitely people with something to say.

And that’s what this video is all about – it’s part of our recruitment drive. We have two public workshops coming up that anyone can sign up and come along to, to find out more. It’s a way for us to meet and share in something – a way to dip your toe in before the full submersion.

*I’m looking at you straight in the eye now* Are you that person? Is there someone you know who could be that person?

If so, let us know, or let them know.

In the meantime for us it’s more planning and calling and spreading the word. And hopefully less of my mug and more of meeting yours.

Have a look at the video we made, and find out more here.