let’s take a walk documentation now on Routledge Performance Archive

Hi. You chose me – I’m really glad you did…we should start – ready?

Howard and Rubaiyath’s let’s take a walk audio journeys are now available on the Routledge Performance Archive. Find out more here.

The Routledge Performance Archive provides access to an unprecedented and continually expanding range of streamed video and audio footage from performance practitioners past and present.

Documentation of two further works, mountaineering and you’ll see me [sailing in antarctica] will join the archive in the autumn.

let’s take a walk premiered at the Barbican, London in March 2017 and was a public work that explored the power a stranger might have to take us out of our social bubble.

The Strangers: Howard, Judy, Lia, Melanie, Rubaiyath, Toby
Web app: Play Nicely
Commissioned by: Barbican