everything unknown at Fringe World, Perth

everything unknown is our first international commission for Fringe World in Perth, Western Australia presented by Gettin’ Hectic.

”On the other side of the world someone stands alone on a beach…

…Where they are, it’s cold, there’s a breeze, the sea moves towards the shore and the sky is grey. They know where you are feels different, it looks different but it’s also the same. From there, they ask you to consider your surroundings, ask if you really believe in what you see in front of you. What are you really a part of? How much don’t we know and how much do we want to know?”

everything unknown considers our changing landscapes and our inability to control the breeze.

The 30 minute audio journey in headphones will take you on to the beach and then to the other side of the world.

Tickets and more information available HERE.