1: “When was the first moment?”

10 years of non zero one
10 years of non zero one
1: "When was the first moment?"

Tamara Harvey, Associate Director at the Bush Theatre during non zero one’s ‘this is where we got to when you came in’ (2011), and current Artistic Director of Theatre Clwyd asks, “When was the first moment?”

In this episode we take it back to the start, the moments of learning that blew our tiny minds. We pay tribute to some of the people and experiences that helped us realise what ‘theatre’ could be, and when it was ok for something not to be ‘theatre’ at all. Why was six the magic number? Is £120 enough for a ‘production budget’? And if you’re making a show, do you actually have to be in it?


As non zero one turns 10, we asked eight people who have been part of our journey to pose us a question. We reflect on lessons we’ve learned from collaborators, mentors, and unexpected places, focusing on a different question in each 20-minute episode. Music by James Bulley.