the time out

“all I want is for you to go out and believe in yourselves, believe that you will do the best you can possibly do, and believe in the others in your team – because right now that’s all we can do”

12 participants enter what appears to be a swimming pool changing room and take their seats, tightly packed on the benches. a coach talks to them as if they all know each other – as if they are a water polo team nine minutes and 39 seconds away from the biggest match of their life.

they are not alone with the coach, however, as a hidden voice speaks up and echoes what we’re all thinking – “water polo? is he serious? you only got here a few moments ago. these things take months of training, an understanding of the sport, and a team.”

through intimate and playful interaction, games and even a bit of physical exertion, the 12 teammates find themselves edging closer and closer to the big match. the coach and the voice are there on the journey to encourage everyone to get a little closer, to share with and support each other, and to ask what it means to be in a team.

the time out premiered at the Latitude Festival in 2011, and has had sell-out runs at Forest Fringe, Cambridge Junction, Tate Britain and the Barbican Centre.

“the endorphin almost unequalled by anything else on the fringe”
TELEGRAPH best of the fringe ★ ★ ★ ★

“new edinburgh act of the day: non zero one…it’s very good fun”

“not just an hour of tremendous fun, but also a piece that makes you reassess what can be achieved with very little”

the time out was developed at the National Theatre Studio and The Basement, Brighton.

the time out is supported by Arts Council England. Sponsored by Zoggs.

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